About Us

About Us


BYAKUYA – is the Japanese and Chinese Term for ‘White Night” or “Artic Night”
Bya meaning White and Kuya meaning Night

Is when the sun never sets completely, it happens in most Arctic or Antarctic locations. Immersing the horizon with a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

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BYAKUYA is our premium sustainable lifestyle brand. Delivering Eco-friendly/wood based products for your home. Over the next years we will curate, design, and produce a complete range of sustainable products for the home and you. 

Lets start where we spend 30 percent of our life – in our beds… 

After a number of years of research and testing we have found that TENCEL™ is the best and most sustainable textile for your bed. BYAKUYA has sourced the highest quality supplier of TENCEL™ fabric in the world. We are proud to present our initial range of Premium TENCEL™ Bed Linens, Pillows, Duvets and Mattress Toppers and Towels.


Our founder James Mainwaring, is a successful furniture designer, entrepreneur and is the visionary behind BYAKUYA. In 2014 he founded his furniture label Tidyboy, based in the heart of Berlin Germany. With a global reach, over 50 designs (predominantly produced from hardwood), 6000 happy customers, and a team of over 10 people. 

He is perfectly positioned to understand the power of nature and wooden derived products. Over the last years whilst building Tidyboy he has been curating and testing products for Byakuya. This is a concept which has been 2 – 3 years in the making. He believes in veganism (converting 5 years ago) and Is looking forward to curating and designing a complete range of sustainable products to help you live a more positive lifestyle.


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